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I am an artist and a musician currently working and residing in New York metro area. My family hails from Waziristan, a war-torn border town between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is where I get my surname. My family fled Waziristan to seek peace and stability and settled in a town of Bannu, a town in Northwestern region of Pakistan about 65Km from Waziristan, where I grew up. My father, a physician by trade yet a gifted poet and a writer, practiced at a local regional hospital, the only healthcare facility for hundreds of miles. As a young man I spend a considerable amount of time with my father at his clinic and often witnessed first-hand the destruction and devastation that a war can bring to a population. Many Waziristan towns were abolished and leveled by the Pakistani military if not by the US drones to hunt for Taliban. The Wazir population remain an internally displaced population (IDP) living in refugee camps all over Northern Pakistan as their land remain uninhabitable. The plight of IDP’s and refugee population around the world is an existential challenge of our time and a cause which I relate to on a very personal level.

Shoaib Wazir

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