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Here at Zamani Gems, we are proud to present precious gems from Afghanistan to the world.

The Company

Afghanistan holds a treasure trove of gemstones. Afghanistan and gemstones have been inextricably linked for 6500 years and the country remains rich in precious and semiprecious gemstone deposits. Lapis lazuli, mined in the Hindu Kush since the Neolithic Period, was transported along the ancient trade routes to Mesopotamia, Egypt and India. Recent development in Afghanistan has yield to discovery of precious gems including emeralds, ruby and sapphires. Other semi-precious tourmaline, aquamarine, kunzite, topaz, garnets, and varieties of quartz are in abundance too. Afghanistan’s gems are some of the best specimens and are sought after by collectors.

Our Skill

We are young entrepreneurs from Afghanistan helping the country revive its mining industry.

Gem mining in Afghanistan is usually carried out by people living in villages surrounding the mines. We are helping these villagers bring their products online to world wide consumers instead of allowing big traders and mining companies pay pennies for their precious finds. At Zamani Gems Most of our gems are either purchased directly from small miners or villagers who work effortlessly to find gems in the mountains or the gems are sold online directly for the villagers.

Lookout for photos and videos of how gems are found daily in Afghanistan.

Founder / CEO
Mr. L. Zamani


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